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December 10, 2009


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Juicy Couture Handbags

i like it too . great.


Lifewithoutplastic.com :)

Joan Boccino

Read your post too - interesting! I found Costco had a set of 6 glass containers with snap lids for about the same price. Then yes I reuse glass jars as well. You can also find glass containers with glass lids in thrift and second hand stores. These were designed for refrigerator storage and are sometimes called refrigerator glass. Ikea also had a glass set a while ago.

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Karen Vaughan

I found Frigoverre glass containers with plastic lids only on Amazon. It fits more tightly than glass on glass. But I also regularly save jars and use them for leftovers - the squared spaghetti sauce containers fit particularly well.

I have a related blog entry at http://www.acupuncturebrooklyn.com/liver/karen-vaughan-chemicals-and-obesity-what-if-isnt-all-your-fault#more-1829

The Spice Doc

I've been thinking about plastic a lot... trying to avoid it. It is indeed quite difficult if you have leftovers...but maybe it's time for an investment in glass pyrex container storage things!

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